Microorganism Breeding Biotechnology Genetic Engineering

Microorganism Breeding Biotechnology Genetic Engineering

Presentation on the topic: Methods for the selection of microorganisms




Departments of the Petrochemical Institute of Omsk State Technical University are preparing bachelors, engineers, and masters in the specialties of the chemical-technological, environmental, and technical fields related to the processing of oil and gas. Perform scientific research in chemistry, ecology, biotechnology, chemical technology.

At the Department of Physical Chemistry for all comers, including schoolchildren of grades 9–11, a biotechnology club is working. Here you will meet with leading teachers, listen to their lectures, gain independent work skills in educational and research laboratories, well equipped with modern equipment – there is a computer class, a local computer network with Internet access. Circle classes are held at a convenient time for you.

Research topics: 1. Study of the microflora of the environment in the area of ​​study, work, residence. 2. Study of the chemical and microbiological composition of natural and waste waters, snow cover and air. 3. The study of microbiological agents in the production of alternative fuels (ethyl alcohol, methane, hydrogen).

Circle “Biotechnology in environmental protection” Head: Ph.D., associate professor of the department “Physical Chemistry”

Biotechnology, or bioprocess technology, is the industrial use of biological agents or their systems (microorganisms, plant and animal cells and their components) to produce valuable products and carry out targeted transformations.

Modern biotechnology is the science of genetic engineering and cellular methods and technologies for creating and using genetically transformed biological objects to intensify the production or obtain new types of products for various purposes.

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