Haploid Breeding

Haploid Breeding

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The article presents the results of work on the possibility of using androgenic dihaploid lines in wheat breeding. It is shown that in the conditions of the south and south-east of Kazakhstan by using in vitro breeding methods new breeding materials of winter soft wheat have been obtained, combining high productivity with the most important economically valuable traits. As a result of testing the ADH line in SP-1 out of 50, 15 (3%) were selected for further tests and plant height. According to the results of a two-year study in the KP and during the preliminary variety testing, the selection line ADG-1050, which was created by backcross crossing varieties (Kazakhstan-4 × Saratov-29) × Grekum-476, was of most interest. At the cellular level (ADH-1050), in vitro selection (F2), digaploidization (n-21 × 2), reproduction (1993–1995) were performed, and as a result, the digaploid line ADG-1050N3 was created, which is characterized by high productivity. Using haploid technology in vitro, valuable source material for the selection of winter wheat was obtained. The distinguished ADH lines of winter common wheat significantly exceeded the parental varieties and standards in terms of yield and grain quality. Since 2008, the ADG-1050 line called Nureke has been approved for use in the production of Almaty and Zhambyl regions.

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