Forest Breeding Methods

Forest Breeding Methods

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In 2014, as part of improving the management of the university, a department of forest crops, breeding and biotechnology was created, based on a combination of the departments of forest crops and the mechanization of forestry and forest breeding, non-timber resources and biotechnology.

The Department of Forest Crops and the Mechanization of Forestry Operations is one of the oldest departments in the Department of Forestry and Ecology. The department was organized in 1924 at the Forestry Department of the Kazan Institute of Agriculture and Forestry and originally had the name of the Department of Private Forestry.

The department is training specialists, bachelors and masters in 5 areas of the Institute of Forest and Nature Management.

Currently, a close-knit team is working at the department. It consists of: professors: N.V. Eremin, A.S. Yakovlev, M.A. Karaseva, E.M. Romanov, A.V. Kanarsky – associate professors: T.V. Nureyeva, D.I. Mukhortov, A. V. Ushnurtsev, V. G. Krasnov, K. T. Lezhnin, A. A. Mamaev, C. V. Kirillov, E. V. Prokhorova, L. V. Sukhanova, O. M. Konyukhova, O. V. Sheikina, A. I. Shurgin, R.V. Sergeev – senior lecturer: L. N. Sotneva – assistants: T. N. Krivorotova, E. E. Bolshakova, K. A. Maslennikov – laboratory heads: K. T Lezhnin, E. S. Zhemkova, N. A. Kuklina, O. M. Konyukhova – training master – M. I. Smyshlyaeva – programmer: T. F. Miftakhov, engineer: I. I. Khusainov, M. N. Che franova.

Particularly significant is the training manual “Forest crops. Accelerated forest growing ”with the stamp of UMO on education in the field of forestry, which was prepared by Romanov EM, Eremin NV, Mukhortov DI, Nureyeva TV

In teaching students, multimedia technologies are widely used. On the basis of the experimental facilities of the department, educational videos “Intensive technologies for growing planting material on a bioecological basis” and “Greenhouse-nursery complex: organization and functioning” were shot. Films are recommended by UMO for use in the educational process of forestry specialties. Olympiads are organized in the main disciplines of the specialty “Forestry” and “Forestry”, the purpose of which is to improve knowledge and increase students’ interest in studying the discipline.

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