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The Tod’s Timeless Icons collection is also virtual collaboration, homage to style icons whose names have become a symbol of timeless elegance: Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, Gene Shrimpton, Eli McGraw, Twiggy and Lauren Hatton. Their laid-back and sophisticated style, far from changing trends and unifying for many, unites them. Tod’s favorite material is leather, and what is more suitable for creating a masterpiece, timeless? Jackets, ordinary and extremely narrow silhouettes, trench coats, a hybrid of jackets and trench coats, crop tops and mini dresses – this is how modern classics look, and her palette is the most refined: white, blue, sand, with accents of silver and python skin. These things are not bound by the season: you most likely buy suede jackets in the style of Jane Birkin once and for a lifetime, and a mini inspired by the images of Twiggy can also be worn in winter with a turtleneck.

The brand’s most coveted handbags also fell into the selection – the futuristic Wave even shrank to a microformat, preserving the details and silhouette of this convenient day bag. The freshest of Tod’s icon bags, the Double T crossbody, blossomed with all kinds of shades and textures, as did the legendary Gommino loafers – it’s hard to say anything new about their convenience and versatile design. The entire collection is understandable and adapted to life, elusively aristocratic and modern – it is about clothes, and not about sensations, just what muses who create trends themselves need.

At the presentation of Timeless Icons during Milan Women’s Fashion Week in late February, a new pavilion was built next to Villa Necchi. Its walls were decorated with photographs from the pages of the book – as if all the heroes of the past and present at once found themselves in one place.

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In the Ralph Lauren Icons collection, things themselves act as icons. Those that have stood the test of time and transient trends are all iconic images of the world of Ralph Lauren. Their modern interpretation symbolizes a new approach of the company – the desire to make the corporate identity of the brand available to the buyer anywhere in the world, at a convenient time for him, without regard to the season.

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