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All varieties of roses are beautiful. And very many quite normally winter, grow and bloom in the Leningrad Region, of course, provided that they are properly taken care of and sheltered for the winter. And roses bloom from June to October – what other flowers are capable of this? However, caring for them is not so difficult if you do only what is really necessary.

So far, I manage to avoid pesticides, and I cover the roses with just two layers of lutrasil in arcs – and that’s it. Roses of Canadian selection I winter without any shelter at all – like rose hips. I am not fond of top dressing. But she noticed that it is very important for roses to be lit by the sun from the early morning. Those bushes that in the morning in the shade develop much worse and get sick. Well, of course, roses should be in the sun as much as possible, so roses are not suitable for a shady garden.

I want to share my impressions of the varieties already growing in my garden and those that I dream of planting – almost all of them can be bought in St. Petersburg.

Hybrid tea roses have the largest and most beautiful flowers among all roses, suitable for cutting. At the same time, they are considered moody and least winter-hardy, but I did not notice this.

An important disadvantage of this group, I believe that rose bushes are most often small, and at the same time a few flowers bloom on it. Last summer, my favorite hybrid tea roses were Burgund 81 and Gloria Dei.

Burgund 81 – huge bright red velvet flowers of a very beautiful shape.

Gloria Dei (Peace) – has been growing with me for three years, it winters well under Lutrasil. The first two years did not smell at all, and last summer she had a wonderful aroma! The flowers are very large, but quickly open and fade.

Roses of the Floribunda group are loved by many for their abundant flowering throughout the summer and autumn, as well as for their relative unpretentiousness. I don’t like floribunda – the flowers are not large, the shape is rustic. But one variety from this group became a favorite – Niccolo Paganini, its flowers last a very long time and are magnificent at all stages of dissolution!

I am indifferent to climbing roses, since in our climate it is very difficult to grow a truly luxurious bush (although it is possible!). But I hunted for Blossomtime for several years – it’s a very beautiful and rare flower form of this variety among garden roses.

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