Breeding New Varieties of Plants

Breeding New Varieties of Plants

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Adverse environmental conditions pose a great threat to the stability of crop production.

This is compounded by global warming on the planet. In this regard, the use of various breeding, introduction, agrotechnical methods to increase the resistance of plants to stress (drought, heat, frost, cold, salinization, and others) is an important economic task. One of the most effective, not requiring an increase in the costs of man-made resources when growing crops, is the use of resistant varieties in production. Despite the complexity of solving this problem, in almost every culture there is a spectrum of varieties that differ in resistance to a particular environmental factor. The selection of breeding forms, the creation of resistant varieties and their introduction into production is the result of many years of complex work by teams of scientists and the State test in various soil and climatic conditions. At the same time, selection for yield in specific soil and climatic conditions is very effective, when the conditions themselves serve as a selective background for the selection of the most adapted plants.

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