Basic Selection Methods

Basic Selection Methods

Presentation on Plant Breeding - Free Download

Ed. and with the preface: A.K. Fedorova

The book of the leading Yugoslav breeder scientist S. Boroevich shows the principles of crop selection with its genetic basis. Outlining methods for creating new varieties, the author focuses on the selection of the most important trait – the high genetic potential of productivity. The main emphasis is on hybridization as a method of breeding most varieties. It has been shown on specific material that the correct selection of parental pairs, effective selection in hybrid generations and tests at different geographical locations make it possible to obtain varieties whose potential productivity can really be realized in appropriate climatic and agrotechnical conditions. The principles of modeling varieties, the problems of mutagenesis and its use in breeding, the genetic structure and adaptability of the variety, breeding for resistance to diseases and pests, and seed production issues are examined in detail.

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