Selection Methods Biology Table

Selection Methods Biology Table

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The main focus of the course will be on agricultural techniques for growing a wide range of flower crops, both one-year-old (about 40 genera) and perennial (more than 40 genera). Under the guidance of the teacher, students will be able to learn how to grow seedlings of annual flower crops, and researchers – curators of the collections of the Botanical Garden will talk about the secrets of agricultural technology of flower crops, which are widely represented in our collections (peonies, irises, phlox, roses, daylilies). Most of the classes will be conducted by a breeder-florist, c / s. n DB Kudryavets is the author of many books and manuals on growing annual and perennial flowers. The course lasts 84 academic hours.

The cost of 30,000 rubles.

Classes will be held on the territory of Moscow State University on the Sparrow Hills twice a week (presumably on Wednesdays and Fridays) from 19 to 22 hours. Beginning of classes on November 8, end – end of January 2017.

Section 1. Introduction. Modern floriculture.

Main directions:

the production of seedlings and planting material, the production of pottery products, the production of flower cuts, the production of various flowering containers.

Modern materials and equipment for the mass consumer.

Modern methods of plant breeding.

Biological features of flower plants (relation to light, heat, water, soil).

Section 2. Propagation of plants. Substrates, capacities, terms and conditions.

Theme 2.1 Seed propagation. Morphology and quality of seeds (sowing and varietal). Industrial seed treatment. Buying seeds. Preparation of seeds for sowing. Collection and storage of seeds.

Theme 2.2 Sowing and growing seedlings. Methods of preparing seeds for sowing annuals and perennials. Features of sowing small seeds. Germination conditions. Picking and growing seedlings. Buying seedlings.

Theme 2.3 Sowing in open ground. Dates and features of crop care.

Topic 2.4 Vegetative propagation: dividing the bush and layering, cuttings, dividing bulbs and corms. Substrates for rooting. Rooting conditions: humidity and temperature. Growing conditions after rooting.

Section 3. Features of caring for plants in the open ground. Planting (timing, methods), watering, top dressing, thinning, rejuvenation (perennials), garter, removal of faded flowers and inflorescences, pruning and pinching. Preparing for the winter.

Section 4. Plants for flower beds and containers. The modern range and features of agricultural technology.

Theme 4.1 Annuals, biennials and perennials planted for one season. About 40 births.

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