Gladioli of Domestic Breeding by Mail

Gladioli of Domestic Breeding by Mail

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Want to have both an incredibly elegant cut flower in late summer? Buy gladiolus through the online store – the right decision. Bulbs of lily and gladiolus in bulk with mail delivery will be a useful acquisition for those involved in plant breeding in the nursery, or, for example, landscaping.

Agrocompany “Search” online store has been practicing the wholesale sale of flower tubers for several decades. Since the establishment of the breeding and seed-growing complex, the company‚Äôs specialists have developed unique varieties of lilies and other bulbous plants, the order of which is possible all year round.

Majestic plants

The presence of these sky-high flowers will decorate any garden, providing lush flowering towards the end of summer. You can order lilies in Moscow in the online online store. . The catalog contains various varieties, each of which is beautiful in its own way:

large-flowered-corrugated-Bambino-from the collection of the gold fund of domestic selection.

Most varieties are well known to our customers, some have only appeared in the catalog, but have already managed to win their fans. We will help you choose and buy bulbs of gladioli by mail in an online store from Moscow for any region of Russia.

Our store also offers wholesale sales of lily bulbs with delivery, the order will be executed within 3-5 days.

Both plants are perennial, they feel comfortable in sunny areas with loose fertile soil. To make the garden delight with exquisite flowering for a longer period, we recommend ordering and buying gladioli and lilies through an online store in Moscow.

Buy gladioli by mail from Moscow

Mail delivery is convenient in that it allows you to purchase high-quality planting material, which offers agricultural company “Search”. You can order tubers in bulk in Moscow at a low price around the clock on our website. To apply, go through the registration and provide contact details. Orders are processed during business hours from Monday to Friday.

Leave a request right now, we will help make your garden beautiful!

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