Plant Breeding Basics

Plant Breeding Basics

Fundamentals of breeding plants, animals, microorganisms - presentation

Number of Pages: 552

Price: 1324 rub.

This collective work, prepared by scientists of the Belarusian Society of Genetics and Breeders, is devoted to the development and application of genetic and biotechnological methods in plant breeding in accordance with its main priorities: expanding the spectrum of genetic variation, increasing the efficiency of selection and informational content of the breeding process, reducing the time for creating varieties and hybrids. Particular attention will be paid to biotechnological methods in plant breeding: cell, gamete and zygotic selection, haploidy, marker-based selection, the creation of transgenic organisms and biosafety. The first volume summarizes the results of many years of experimental and theoretical research aimed at improving the methodology and methods of plant breeding, including environmental aspects of breeding, problems of heterosis and genetics of quantitative traits, recurrent selection, phytoimmunity, nonchromosomal heredity, distant hybridization, etc.

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