Microorganism Breeding Its Importance for the Microbiological Industry

Microorganism Breeding Its Importance for the Microbiological Industry

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The synthesis of valuable products from various types of non-food raw materials (oil and gas hydrocarbons, wood hydrolysates), as well as waste from industrial processing of sugar beets, corn, oilseeds and cereals, etc. It produces protein and vitamin concentrates, bacterial and viral preparations to protect plants from pests and diseases, bacterial fertilizers, as well as products of complex processing of plant materials – furfural, xylitol, etc. The microbiological industry arose during the modern scientific and technological revolution and is based on the latest achievements technical chemistry, physics, chemical technology and cybernetics.

On a scientific basis, more and more advanced engineering and biological systems are being created in which the enormous energy of the enzymatic transformation of substances, characteristic of microorganisms, is used for the directed synthesis of products needed by agriculture and industry. A significant part of the production of the microbiological industry is used to produce biologically complete grain. The economic efficiency of animal husbandry increases even more when, together with fodder yeast, missing vitamins and amino acids, feed antibiotics, and enzyme preparations are introduced into the diets.

Microbiological agents for controlling pests and pathogens of plants, as well as bacterial fertilizers, increase the productivity of fields, gardens, orchards and vineyards. Microbial and viral are safe for humans, beneficial animals and insects, help protect nature and improve reproductive conditions in the plant and animal world.

Enzyme preparations greatly accelerate a number of technological processes for the processing of agricultural products. raw materials, increase output and improve product quality in the food, meat, dairy and light industries, significantly increase labor productivity. Enzyme preparations are also used in the chemical industry (production of high-quality detergents), their use in ferrous metallurgy (removal of fat from thin-rolled steel sheet), in industrial and domestic wastewater treatment systems is promising.

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