Breeding in Belarus

Breeding in Belarus

Scientific and Practical Center of the NAS of Belarus for Agriculture

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Title of the document: Legal regulation of breeding activity in the Republic of Belarus Authors: Topic: EB BSU :: TECHNICAL AND APPLIED SCIENCES. ECONOMIC INDUSTRIES :: BiotechnologyEB BSU :: SOCIAL SCIENCES :: State and Law. Jurisprudence Date of publication: 2011 Issuer: National Center for Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus Bibliographic description of the source: Law in modern Belarusian society: collection of scientific papers Series / Number: Breeding activity is a powerful incentive for the development of agriculture in the Republic of Belarus. Based on this, the author carries out a comparative analysis of national and international foundations of the legal regulation of breeding activities and formulates areas for improving legislation aimed at improving the efficiency of breeding activities in the Republic of Belarus. URI document: Located in collections: Articles of the State Institute of Management and Social Technologies

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