The Basic Method in Michurin’s Breeding Work

The Basic Method in Michurin’s Breeding Work

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Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin. Died June 7, 1935, in the city of Michurinsk, Tambov Region.

Russian biologist and breeder, author of many varieties of fruit crops, doctor of biology, honored worker of science and technology, honorary member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, academician of the All-Union Agricultural Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Michurin, Ivan Vladimirovich. Born 1855, died 1935. Breeder, creator of new varieties of fruit crops. The author of the remote hybridization method. Cavalier of the Order of St. Anne of the third degree, honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1935), academician of the Agricultural Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1935).

Ivan Vladimirovich was born in the village of Dolgoy Pronsky district of Ryazan province. After graduating from the Pronsky district school (1869) he entered the Ryazan gymnasium, from which he was soon expelled "for disrespect to the authorities".

In 1872 he began working as a clerk at a freight station Kozlov (now Michurinsk). At this time, despite difficult working conditions and insignificant earnings, Michurin began to realize his dream – to devote his life to gardening. On a small plot of land behind the outbuildings of the house where he lived, he began to grow plants from the seeds of selected fruits of apple trees, pears, plums and cherries – at the same time he studied the Russian and world assortment of fruit and berry plants. In 1875 he moved to the city of Ryazhsk, where he began to work as a senior clerk of a commodity office of a railway station. station. In 1877 he returned to the city of Kozlov — a new job (the master of watches and signaling devices on the railway section Kozlov — Lebedyan) allowed him to get acquainted with gardening in the central part of Europe during his trips around the site. Of Russia.

As early as 1875 (in Kozlov) Michurin rented a small (130 sq. Soot.) Empty city estate, where he set about his remarkable experiences. But very soon the experimental plot became cramped for work (by this time Ivan Vladimirovich already had a collection containing more than 600 species of fruit trees and bushes), and in 1882 he rented a new, somewhat larger plot, where he transferred all his plants . In this section, he bred the first varieties of raspberries ("commerce"), cherries ("pear-shaped grotto", "small-leaved half-dwarfish", "fertile"interspecific hybrid variety "the beauty of the north") In 1888, Michurin acquired 7 km from the city, near the settlement of Turmasovo, a plot of approx. 12 tithes on which he was able to expand his research.

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