Poultry Breeding

Poultry Breeding

Sex determination techniques for the egg and poultry industries

Breeding in domestic poultry farming is an exciting activity. Selecting in each generation the best and best young growth, you can achieve remarkable results: strengthen the desired characteristics, weaken those that you want to get rid of, and finally get a beautiful bird. Read more”

In modern poultry farming, a limited number of poultry breeds are common. The reason for this was the transfer of the industry to an industrial basis and the use of hybrid birds instead of previously bred. Local breeds have lower productivity, so they can not compete with the newly created lines and crosses. For three decades, 5-6 out of 200 breeds remained in the USA. In England, 25 breeds are on the verge of extinction. In our country 20 years ago 26 breeds and pedigree groups of chickens were counted. Many of them have now disappeared from public poultry farming, and only a small part has survived in the population. In total, rare breeds of hens make up 4, 7% of the total livestock in our country. Read more”

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