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One of the factors contributing to the high growth rate of the genetic potential of the Leningrad cattle population is the accuracy of breeding records. The selection of the best cows for breeding indicators of milk productivity is gradually improving the quality of milk produced in a particular farm.


The main activity of the laboratory is to control the quality of milk to assess the breeding value of animals, improve the compositional and hygienic value of milk. The laboratory performs research on the application of the farm on the basis of an agreement between LLC SPC “Selection” in the person of the General Director and the owner of cattle. The analysis is based on certified high-tech equipment of the companies: Bentley Instruments (USA), FOSS (Denmark)., Which are world leaders in these devices that meet international standards. The Bentley Combi FTS 500 combined system, installed in the laboratory in April 2014, the only one in Russia, is the latest development of an American-New Zealand company. Its productivity is 500 samples per hour. This device allows with high accuracy, automatically, quickly, environmentally friendly and safe analysis on seven indicators of milk quality: fat, protein, lactose, urea, dry matter, freezing point and somatic cells. To control the quality of measurements in the laboratory, quality control procedures and their frequency are used. Control samples are made and verified. Through service centers servicing equipment companies "Bentliplemteh" and "FossElectric" Moscow and the Arbitration Dairy Laboratory at the Federal State Institution of the Leningrad Interregional Veterinary Laboratory.

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