Institute of Crop Production and Breeding

Institute of Crop Production and Breeding

All-Russian Institute of Plant Industry named after N. I. Vavilov

Is it worth it to postpone crops due to an abnormally snowy winter? Breeders held a seminar for Novosibirsk summer residents. Which seeds to choose and which schedule to follow?

Tungus, Giant, 33 heroes. Tatyana Vasilievna re-joins the horticultural movement – after a long break – raised her grandchildren. Now plans to grow cabbage and tomatoes.

Tatyana Myznikova, Gardener: “Previously, how did we get seeds? There were none! They bought seeds from old women, they did it themselves. And now what grace. Well, here I take three years anywhere; of course, everything is unsuccessful. “

Street vendors deceived the summer resident. Ascended, but not that. Now faith is only for shops and factory packaging. At least the manufacturer is listed on them.

Olga Durnykh, Correspondent: “As a rule, flower seeds are brought from abroad. Here, for example, petunias from Holland are packed up somewhere near Moscow. As for vegetables, the Novosibirsk producer confidently occupies its niche. Varieties are created specifically for local climatic conditions, and the words “tested in Siberia” for experienced gardeners are of great importance. “

For zoned varieties – and scientists. For almost half a century, the Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences has been engaged in breeding. Bred more than 20 hybrids of cucumbers and tomatoes. In the work – new beans and eggplant, in 2017 they promise – improved garlic and red pepper. Breeding is a streamlined process, but seed production is not.

Tatyana Steinert, Senior Researcher, Novosibirsk Research Institute of Plant Growing and Breeding: “Many of our varieties, so to speak, are on the shelf, our patents and selection achievements. What is a sin to hide – mechanization is now at the lowest level. Almost all of the work in vegetable growing is done manually. Therefore, the process of reproduction and communication to the consumer is rather painful. Our forces produce a very small number of seeds, and we can only satisfy a small circle. “

In the meantime, difficulties arise even with what is on the market. Rosselkhoznadzor conducted the first seed store raid this year.

Natalya Skiba, Deputy Head of the Department for Supervision in the Field of Seed Production, Quality and Safety of Grains: “The facts of implementation without documents, varieties not included in the State Register were established. As well as batches of seeds whose sale has already expired. It was precisely packages with seeds that were expired in December 2015 and December 2014. ”

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