Horse Breeding Methods

Horse Breeding Methods

Breeding and breeding methods of animals. Modern horse breeding

Methods of breeding and improvement of horse breeds. In horse breeding, two methods of horse breeding are used: thoroughbred and crossbreeding.

The main method of breeding work with horse breeds that have reached a certain level of economically useful qualities is purebred breeding, that is, mating animals belonging to the same breed. This breeding method allows you to maintain a well-known hereditary uniformity in the breed, to reliably maintain and develop the qualities characteristic of the breed. The purebred breeding method is used in pedigree farms when breeding a thoroughbred horse, Arab, Akhal-Teke, Oryol trotter, Soviet heavy truck and a number of other breeds. Scientists and practitioners of horse breeding have identified important aspects of this breeding method, the skillful use of which increases the efficiency of breeding in the improvement of horse breeds. These include horse breeding along the lines, which is considered a key issue in the theory and practice of breeding in horse breeding. The invention of this method, according to prof. V.O. Witt, undoubtedly belongs to the Khrenovsky stud farm, decades ahead of Western European practice and the theory of breeding farm animals.

A line is an objectively existing and having a certain qualitative originality group of breeding animals, related by kinship with a certain ancestor. It is dynamic, amenable to directed influences of specialists working with it, it develops, retaining some valuable qualities and changing others in one direction or another.

With the right zootechnical work, the line is able to progress from generation to generation. Usually the lines are called by the nicknames of their founders, that is, the offspring of stallions-producers of outstanding quality. When working with lines apply related breeding – inbreeding.

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