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Breeding Photo

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OJSC “SCC“ Western ”” of the Brest region is a diversified enterprise. However, the main direction in the work is pig breeding. Currently, it contains more than 85 thousand “pigs”. And their number will increase. They are also engaged in dairy cattle breeding and crop production. Actively developing meat processing and trade. Opened new retail facilities in B. Motykaly and Kleiniki.

Selection focus

For 35 years he was led by Zapadny Alexander Beach. His successor, Alexander Zakharkevich, has been in the position of leader for almost two years. He knows production very well: he worked here in various positions, was a deputy.

The manager is sure that now special attention should be paid to pig breeding. And most importantly, keep up with the best foreign genetics. The benchmark is Denmark. We are talking about such subtleties as genomic selection. This is a method of selecting animals based on establishing a reliable relationship between the structure of DNA and the level of manifestation of economically useful traits. Simply put, the growth rate, animal weight, multiple pregnancy, and even resistance to stress – it all depends on a particular gene. Science is advancing, and production cannot be successful without communication with it. “Having deciphered the DNA”, here they can pick up pairs and get the young growth that is needed.

The plans – feed mill

An important step was the improvement of the feeding system. If you used to transport feed from afar, now part of it is produced on the spot. And this is a reliable way to reduce the cost of production. The plans – the construction of its feed mill.

An automated feeding system has been installed at 30 percent of the sites. Computers help distribute food, but human attention can still not be dispensed with. They also take care of the microclimate – temperature, humidity, air velocity, thermal radiation, etc. All this affects the final result.

The director summarizes the indicators: 177 thousand piglets were received during the year. In fattening, animals add 742 grams in weight every day.

In addition to pig farming in the “West” are engaged in dairy cattle and crop production. Almost 7 thousand kilograms of milk per cow are milked. Last year, 33 thousand tons of grain and leguminous crops were harvested. Received a yield of 57, 6 centners per hectare. And cleaning took first place in the area. And in terms of sugar beets, they became the winners of the regional competition.

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